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Sometimes people will ask if I regret choosing a creative major. No, it is perfectly normal to question your choices throughout life but following your dreams is something that you will never regret. I still strive to create each day, even if I do not always make the time for it. My creativity will always be one of the things I cherish the most.

     Vacation is one of my favorite moments in adult life. For those of us with the luxury of such free time, I find that these periods can truly define an individual.

     You may choose to clean the house for 2 weeks, finish a novel, or drop everything and embark on some exotic getaway. Of all the endless possibilities, how you choose to spend your free time says a lot about your character.

     5 more days of vacation and I have decided that reflecting on life, organizing my goals and documenting these efforts are what is most important to me. I have recently become comfortable with the fact that I am a different person than I was in college, I am motivated by things other than art or the approval of others. I take pride in mentoring those around me, balancing all aspects of my life and learning from my mistakes. 

      When I was younger, I would often fantasize about having the magical ability to do anything. I would sit back for hours, dreaming about how I would use such abilities. I’ve realized 2 things now that I’m a bit older; I had a very naive perception of the world as a child (partly due to all those superheroes), and that people actually do have the power to do anything (it just comes from a little hard work instead).

     So this year I am promising to myself that I will take advantage of my power to do anything. I will be more aware of how I am perceived by others, I will be more mindful of my posture, I will be less sarcastic and more compassionate towards others, I will never make promises that I cannot keep and I will further my education each week with podcasts and other tools at my disposal.

      In 2014, I may no longer believe in magic powers but I will remember to believe in myself.

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